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Unclaimed Burial Insurance and Industrial Life Insurance

Decades ago, large underwriters including Prudential, Metropolitan Life, and John Hancock pioneered "Industrial Life" policies, also known as burial insurance. Aggressive marketing to the elderly poor made it a popular product. In Florida alone, nearly one million policyholders are entitled to collect benefits totaling three-quarters of a billion dollars.

These types of policies have a major flaw: they often don't contain a pay-off date. Policyholders pay indefinitely for a small, fixed benefit, typically $1-2,000. A National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) investigation found as many as half of all policyholders had made payments exceeding the value of benefits to be received.

Find Unclaimed Life Insurance - Trace and claim a lost life insurance policy.

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Handwritten records and manual bookkeeping make this type of policy difficult to trace. Below is contact information for the major issuers of industrial life policies:

American General Life & Accident

Atlanta Life Insurance Company

Capital Security Life

Liberty National

Life Insurance Company of Georgia


Metropolitan Life

Prudential Life

United Insurance Company of America

Southern Life & Health Insurance

Western & Southern Life Insurance